The world is falling down around us,
Revolution sits on the verge, balanced between peace and Pure Mayhem
Primed and ready to explode, poor Choices and a pinch of Nitrate is all that separates us from Existence and a smoking void.

Uncertainty breeds Disorder, it’s within this that we stitched together the pieces of our latest range. There is fun to be had in the chaos adding humour and wit to our garments, Thunderstruck as always by the modern world. Recon from all corners of the globe further forges our utilitarian needs, our products must remain functional, hardy and as reliable as ever.

Step through the rubble to our Autumn range, featuring pops of washed red and an array of our favourite blues, whites and blacks. Embedded across our trusty blocks from baggy jeans to carpenter jackets, tees hoods, accessories and shirts - the new world has something for us all.